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Denver shooter retweeted, liked alt-right influencer Cernovich at least 170 times

Verified partisan accounts follow sketchy user with a history of boosting foreign disinformation

COVID death data, update on a CCP-aligned information operation, Omicron might be mild

Vaccine tweets dataset

Top three vaccine-related tweets show vaccine critics are far from censored

False comparisons of Kremlin aggression to US-Mexico border could serve Kremlin by stifling US response

China Deflects as Xinjiang Papers Implicate Xi Jinping

Inside the white supremacist group aiming for an all-white America. They're hiding in plain sight.

Polarization not tied to Reddit use but an influx of far-right users that drove the shift

Misleading presentation of Biden gaffe likely boosted by a bot-like network

Bot-like network boosts tweet hounding AG Brnovich to further challenge 2020 election

Russia-linked Twitter account posted 'StoptheSteal' 102 times starting in April 2016

Russia-linked Twitter account posted ‘StoptheSteal’ 102 times starting in April 2016

Belarusian resistance may forever change how revolutions happen

Gosar says AOC video was an attempt to reach younger generation. Here’s why that matters.

Disinformation is spreading beyond the realm of spycraft to become a shady industry – lessons from South Korea

We were told to follow the money.

Here are media manipulation terms needed to understand mis-, dis-, and malinformation

Real Versus Fake: Comparing real and social bot Twitter accounts

Steps for successful interdisciplinary research on extremism or disinformation

Sputnik and RT Telegram channels saw a 37% increase in subscribers in 2021

Big tech funds COVID-19 misinformation, Taliban disinformation we may have missed, and vaccine disinformation networks seize on new requirements

Highlights from newly declassified documents indicate possible Saudi support for 9/11

Networks boosting coronavirus disinformation seize on new vaccine requirements

Underestimating Taliban propaganda may partially explain the failure to predict takeover

If you think the FDA is bad, you should have been around before it

Havering hashtags and data visualization, anti-vaxxers and US extremists support Taliban, and a whole lot of foreign policy

Lies, damn lies, and stuff on social media

Information Operations from Sea to Cyber Sea

Media Unintentionally Boosted Russian Disinformation Tweets: A Cautionary Tale

Review of Facebook Response to White House, “Moving Past the Finger Pointing”

Top 10 Performing Links on Facebook by Day from July 2020 to July 2021

I Signed Up for Texts from Mike Lindell. Here's What He Sent Me.

Delta Variant Discussion, Vaccine Disinformation, and Misleading Statements from Elected Officials

Covid Closed Preschools. Here's How Missed Opportunities Affected Child Development.

US Elected Officials, Hyper-Partisan Media, and Foreign Disinformation Operations Spread Unsubstantiated NSA Spy Claims

Alzheimer's Is the New Infertility When It Comes to Vaccine M/Disinformation

Homegrown Disinformation, Just Like Our Adversaries Used to Make

The Pandemic's Wrongest Man Is Spreading Misinformation About Vaccine Side Effects in Teens

Fox News Echoed Putin. Then Russian Media Used Fox News Content to Mock US.

Nothing About Finding the Bodies of Thousands of Children is Surprising. That's the Problem.

Russia Amplifying Critical Race Theory. Iran, China Mum on the Subject.

Exxon-Funded Sources of Climate Disinformation

Anti-abortion groups decried the repeal of a rule that increased abortions by 40%

Do Abortion and Hormonal Contraception Explain Family Size Decline?

Facing Domestic Extremism, Covid Updates & Fact Checks, and Examining If We're Looking at Vaccine Hesitancy the Wrong Way

Are We Looking At Vaccine Hesitancy the Wrong Way?

Ashli Babbitt Trending Among Kremlin-Controlled Twitter Accounts

Two Disinformation Campaigns Unmasked, Democratic Allies Face China, Russia, and QAnon May Pivot to Satanic Panic

FOX News Ran 118 Headlines on Fauci in Ten Days and 3 Related to Gaetz Scandal, Flynn Coup Comment Combined

Can ‘Vaccinated’ Breast Milk Protect Kids? The Science Is Hazy.

Coordinated Disinformation on Fauci, Well-Planned and Sophisticated

Apocalyptic WSJ op-ed not based on a study, authored by "fake experts"

Word Tree for “vaccin*" on 4chan/pol from May 24 to 30, 2021

Word Tree for “vaccin*" from May 19-27, 2021 on 4chan/pol

A Life-Threatening Syndrome in Kids with Covid Is Growing. Now We May Know How to Treat It.

The Case of the Pfizer Influencer Disinformation Operation

Former White House Officials Headline Event Alongside Dictator, Industry Coordinated Disinformation Has Adapted, and Outbreak Disinformation Headlines Across Decades

Why Re-Cycled Conspiracy Theories Appear in Crises and How Adversaries Can Use Them Against Us

Some Things Never Change: Outbreak Disinformation

Former WH officials headline along dictator at event hosted by a group House Intelligence report says was started by Korean CIA

Mapping the Spread of Claims about SM-102, a Compound That Is Not a "Deadly Poison."

Fox News' Attitude Toward Fauci Changed Radically. Here's How they Used to Cover Him.

Influence Operations Everywhere, New Infographics, and A Lesson on Media Manipulation

What to Know About Covid Variants

Typo Reveals Network of Local News Likely Controlled By Single Entity

What to Know About An Intellectual Property Rights Waiver For Covid Vaccines

Big Tech Under Pressure, Vaccine and Covid M/Disinformation, Political Pinocchios, and Why We Fall for Fake News

What's Happening at the Intersection of Psychology, Misinformation, and the Public Square

Vaccine disinformation, extremism research, covid update, and recommended disinformation reads

No, vaccine-related changes to menstrual cycles don't prove that vaccines cause infertility. That's a conspiracy theory.

Political Pinocchios, Anti-Vax Fan Fiction, Social Media Failures, Snake Oil for Sale, Developing Disinformation Narratives

Vaccines and Menstrual Cycles, Viral Claims, Developing Disinformation, Geopolitical Tensions, and Fake News Fact Checks

Vaccine Disinformation, Fact-Check Fiesta, and What to Know About Russia Sanctions

Claims that a quarter of all Covid-19 deaths weren’t caused by the virus misinterpret the data

Trump Donor Survey Divides, Disinforms, and Ends in Dark Patterns

What You Should Know About the J&J Vaccine Besides What Scary Headlines Say

Covid Misinformation Maelstrom, Fact Checks on Mandatory Vaccination, Passports, Gun Control Proposals, and more

Theories About Vaccines Empoisoning the World Thrive on What Believers Don't Know

Yes, Cells from Human Fetuses Have Played a Role in Vaccine Development, But They Aren't An Ingredient

Data Dive on Taxes and Infrastructure Proposal, Surprising Bipartisan Public Agreement, Vaccine News, Covid Disinformation Galore

China Sidesteps WHO Chief on Coronavirus Origins with Anti-US Disinfo

Threats, Fact Checks, and Reads #4.2.21

Meet the latest fear campaign trending on social media: #BidenBorderCrisis

Threats, Facts, and Reads #3.29.21

Data on Drug Seizures Incompatible with Pundit and Elected-Officials' Claims

Threats, Fact-Checks, and Reads #3.25.21

Fact-Checking Biden’s First Press Conference

QAnon Adherents Far More Likely to Have Serious Mental Illness, Research Shows

Instagram Post Misrepresents FDA Document About Monitoring Vaccine Safety

Data Debunks False Narratives about the Border

Threats, Fact Checks, and Reads #3.23.21

Lab Leak: Where Science and Politics Collide

Anti-Vaccine Groups Mislead and Coach on Vaccine Denial

The Invisible Experience of Asian American Women

Threats, Fact Checks, and Reads #3.19

How do mRNA vaccines work – and why do you need a second dose? 5 essential reads

How President Bush Responded to Hate Crimes After 9/11

Threats, Fact Checks, and Reads #3.17

Mexico Border Stats Misrepresented by House Minority Leader In What Must Surely Be An Honest Mistake

Science & Society Newsletter

If You See the Signal, Take Action

New documentary targets Black community, claims public health can’t be trusted

Hoaxlines Disinformation Report

Claim: An animal market in Bangkok could be the place that brought coronavirus to Wuhan

6 COVID-19 Treatments Helping Patients Survive

Coronavirus Deranges the Immune System in Complex and Deadly Ways

Reopening of Long-Term Care Facilities Is ‘an Absolute Necessity for Our Well-Being’

Hoaxlines Disinformation Report

Coordinated Messaging Has Us in a Dr. Seuss Meme War at a Very Convenient Time

How does the Johnson & Johnson vaccine compare to other coronavirus vaccines? 4 questions answered

Vaccine nationalism will block our path out of the pandemic – so how do we resist our tribal instinct?

Covid Trends, Vaccine Updates, New Report on Qanon, and a Boatload of Disinformation

Hoaxlines Disinformation Report

New Study Says Insensitivity to Evidence Rather Than Inflated Confidence Explains Dunning Kruger Phenomenon

New Research Outlines Traits of Qanon Followers Arrested in Relation to Capitol Attack

How a misleading hashtag mislead the public and led the media cycle

COVID-19 anti-vaxxers use the same arguments from 135 years ago

Russian Media Pivots to GOP Messaging Following Capitol Attack

“We’re in it alone”: Power outages leave millions of Texans desperate for heat and safety

How and Why We Must Act on Aerosol Spread, Plus the Reason for Debate

Masks, Covid Update, CDC School Guidelines, Impact of Mask Mandates, Risks to Teachers

Twitter Banned Project Veritas. Then, Influencers Manipulated Our Perception to Make Us Feel Censored.

COVID-19 vaccines do not make women infertile

The State of Vaccine Supply: ‘Opaque.’ Unpredictable. ‘Hard to Pin Down.’

Fact-Check: Have the Covid Vaccines Caused Heart Attacks?

Vaccine-Related Disinformation List

List of Known Bill Gates Fake News and Foreign Disinformation Campaigns

Misleading: The Biden administration lost 20 million COVID vaccines

NIH launches database to track neurological symptoms associated with COVID-19

Covid Update, Vaccines, Transition to Biden, and the National Strategy for Pandemic Response

US News Outlets Republish Russian Vaccine Disinformation, Hurting US Pandemic Response

US Media Publishes Vaccine Disinformation Straight from Kremlin-Controlled Outlet

Conspiracy Theories Enduring Allure Flows From Their Ability to Meet Psychological Needs

What Data Show About Censorship of Conservatives and the Critical Details We're Missing