The Belarusian resistance may forever change how revolutions happen.

Here is a list of their successful operations. The following entries have received limited editing so as to preserve the voice of the Belarusian Suprativ (resistance).

The following entries have received limited editing so as to preserve the voice of the Belarusian Suprativ (resistance).

Suprativ's operations and projects


founded Sep 5, 2020

Creation of a comprehensive search system of leaked databases used by many opposition organizations:

Many more successful (cyber) attacks (have taken place) that we cannot disclose at the moment for operational reasons and to protect sources.

In progress: Operation Zhara (Heat Wave)

#1: GAI(road police) database: vehicle registrations (including unmarked cars and "special" transport), traffic violations and fines of police officers driving license photos, etc.

#2: national passport database (full information including restricted databases with information "protected" from staff, current and past photos, etc.)

#3: emergency calls (102) database with contents of the call and calling party number, name, and address. includes many counts of people snitching on protesters.

#4: a database of MVD's Internal Security Bureau, containing details on crimes and offenses committed by police officers

#5: a database of footage from the operational drones during crackdowns on protests

#6: hacking the video feeds from temporary detention centers and jails

#7: hacking and sabotage of the traffic speed control and surveillance cameras

#8: Human resources database of the MVD(police & KGB) with full career histories

#9: hacking of the network of the govt "IT squad" - enlisted personnel recruited to protect the regime

#10: hacking of the MVD's own hospital documents, including a list of positive PCR test results which suggests a number of infections much higher than the official statistics would suggest.

#11: hacking of the "BESPoryadki" database, which collects data of people convicted or even temporarily detained for protest-related activity (includes pensioners, workers, journalists, students, and even >1300 minors). The current deputy minister of interior Nikolai Karpenkov was recorded talking about creating "special camps" for such "sharp-hoofed individuals.”

#12 hacking of the mobile phone wiretapping database. Most police officers were wiretapped, both the higher-ups and common street cops.

#13 hacking of the wiretapping database for MVD's internal phone network. Conversation of the Soligorsk city police chief with a higher-up for Minks Oblast' who orders him to beat up and arrest citizens indiscriminately.

#14 Another internal MVD conversation involving the same higher-up with a different local police chief, ordering him to not spare even female bystanders.

#15 hacking of the database of the personnel of Investigating Committee, which refused to open criminal cases for excessive use of force and torture by police and prison staff despite numerous reports and complaints lodged by people detained during peaceful protests.

Flying Storks (Буслы Ляцяць/Busly Laćać)

Founded: 13 Nov 2020

People's Self-defence Squads/PSS (Дружины Народной Самообороны/ДНС)

Founded: 20 Mar 2021

The Mission of Suprativ


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