None of the articles had sources for the claims about Ukraine. Although there is cause for concern related to FTX and its donations, nothing suggests it's tied to aid to Ukraine.
China has overseas secret police coercing targets to return to China, Russia loses Kherson, a blow to the three-day “Special Operation,” and election…
Evidence shows that NATO often hesitates when countries express interest, leaving Russia ample time to make them ineligible. Then, when countries are…
Uncertainty can make us act like rats on meth. No, really. It's not hyperbole. By leaving us in the dark, leaders can increase uncertainty, which…
Eleven of the sixteen people who were possibly targeted had ties to the energy industry. Five of the suspicious death events involved someone with ties…
The following is a record of posts from accounts with primarily western audiences promoting Kremlin claims about the situation in Ukraine.
The latest digest from Hoaxlines with recent entries from the disinformation database and the two pro-Kremlin headline trackers.
The war in Ukraine gave Estonia new impetus and “the moral right to look at the wounds that have not yet healed”, according to the minister of public…
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