Word Tree for “vaccin*" on 4chan/pol from May 24 to 30, 2021

CONTENT WARNING: Please note that these queries may contain offensive or extreme language because the query ran on the platform 4chan.

CONTENT WARNING: Please note that this word tree contains offensive and extreme language because it is common on the queried platform.

Data came from the search term “vaccin*” for May 24 to May 30, 2021, from 4chan/pol via 4cat. The search returned 13604 items. It is unclear why the search returned far fewer results for days where more results returned using the same search term. That discrepancy should be kept in mind when reviewing these results.

Data source: 4chan/pol/

Queried: May 30


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  • from 24-05-2021 Until 30-05-2021