Hoaxlines is a disinformation database from Novel Science, a science communication project researching media manipulation and malign influence. Our work has been cited by investigative journalists, fact-checking websites internationally, advocacy groups, and expert resources.


Guest appearances

  • Briant EL. Afternoon Tea & Truth Biscuits 8: Dr. Emma L Briant with E Rosalie. Youtube; 13 Apr 2022 [cited 14 Apr 2022].

Examples of work citing Hoaxlines or Novel Science

We accept no funding and generate no income; this is a volunteer effort, and the group’s founder foots the bill for it. All contributors, past and present, have relevant expertise in either public health, media literacy, or open-source intelligence.

We are nonpartisan in that we do not favor political groups, but neither do we attempt to give equal time to arguments of unequal merit—to do so would be misleading. Put another way, our concern is that our work reflects a comprehensive and contextualized view of the facts, free from media manipulation tactics.