#DiedSuddenly was the most popular hashtag globally for vaccine-related tweets between May 11 and 17. We need to talk about how it relates to…
We discuss the hashtag that would not "die suddenly," spikes in tweets about vaccines and Canadian politics, and influential false or misleading claims.
This appendix accompanies a May 2023 report about online vaccine narratives.
This list of references shows that vaccines are safe during pregnancy, do not cause miscarriage, and protect newborns born to mothers who were…
A London-based PR agency that traces back to Moscow offered European influencers cash to attack brand-name vaccines.
A list of the known foreign disinformation campaigns. These are not all of the known headlines but does cover the major themes pushed by adversaries.
A roundup of the known Russian election-related disinformation circulating.
From 2020 to July 2020