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An influencer boosting conspiracy theories about Ukraine signed a $6.8 mil deal with Russian state media

Everything Online Malign Influence Newsletter

Data show attacks abroad often favor Putin at home, but NATO also rewards Russia by delaying membership for countries it attacks

By being honest, leaders can improve the public’s resistance to disinformation and conspiracy theories.

At least 23 suspicious deaths with potential links to Russia since October 2021

Jack Posobiec and QAnon groups amplifying Russian state-affiliated and pro-Kremlin posts about the power plant

Everything Online Malign Influence Newsletter

Ukraine war prompts Baltic states to remove Soviet memorials

Twitter, Facebook continue to miss blatantly inauthentic COVID-related activity

Fact-checking claims about Russia's favorite bogeyman: NATO

Stories about "Ukrainian Nazis" were rare before 2014. Then they surged as Russia's plans faltered.

1XBet works in Russia and it will receive data of Ukrainians •

Lobbyists use No True Scotsman logical fallacy to redefine abortion and then deny it can be medically necessary

How do I tell who to trust?

Was Savita's death a bleak window into a post-Roe future or a false story used by access advocates?

Audioblog: Pro-Kremlin sources react to HIMARS with everything from comparisons to Hiroshima to denying they're helpful at all

Stormfront users' anti-abortion stance reflects viewing pregnancy as a tool for achieving imperialist objectives

Students for Trump founder appears to be GRU officer's oldest follower. Tweet quoted by officer shows signs of inauthentic boost.

Pro-Kremlin media depicts Russia, Turkey, France, Germany as do-gooders trying to avert crisis that Russia has caused

Hoaxlines disinformation database

What to know about gas prices, what's driving up the price, and a future threat lurking therein

Pro-Kremlin outlets amplify content that casts doubt on Ukrainian rape victims

Why unlikely events spur conspiracy theories and how to tell which are real

TwitterExposed hashtag documentation

Russia claims Kremlin-installed leaders in Kherson want to join Russia, sidestepping a referendum

Russia falsely claims Ukraine ‘repeated’ the ‘Bucha provocation’ in Kharkiv

Russia has a cadre of readied excuses to deny death benefits to dead soldiers’ families

The newsletter gets a makeover

Russian state-controlled websites cited in hundreds of Wikipedia articles despite ban

False claims about Romanian Red Cross, Russia concealing war crimes, and evidence conflicts with helicopter attack claims

Pro-Kremlin channels share Russian flag-raising videos in Ukrainian cities they haven't taken

A Decade of Deceit: Examining over ten years of pro-Kremlin narratives from a single Twitter user

The significance of Mariupol and the death of a 20-year-old soldier

Surrender, Surrender Not: A timeline of claims about Ukrainian Marines in Mariupol

New accounts deny Bucha Massacre and boost pro-Kremlin narratives about the invasion

Using the high and low estimates per day, Russian losses may number between 8100 and 27000

Russia appears to be behind claims that Ukrainians are torturing each other

How a hasty conclusion about the Russian news protestor could backfire on the West

Tucker Carlson and RT misled on Ukraine with same clips, claims on the same day

SERIES: Russia and China appear to coordinate barrage of disinformation about Russia's ever-changing rationale for invading Ukraine

Russia and China resurrect disinformation rooted in Soviet-era active measures

Russia changed its story about bioweapons. Then Russia and China flooded the world with disinformation.

False Ukraine-bioweapons claims from Russia and China echoes their COVID-19 disinformation

Clippings from Russian and Chinese state-controlled media about US-Ukraine-bioweapon conspiracy claims

Censorship in Russia - Mar 5, 2022

Hoaxlines shifts to help Ukraine

After Putin's bungled invasion, Russian state media still ran a now-deleted victory article

Russia is killing civilians. Twitter is helping them cover it up.

Russian propaganda quotes Tucker Carlson to malign US and spread disinformation about Ukraine

State-controlled outlet recycles images from 2014 to push claims about American mercenaries in Ukraine

High-profile 'TruckersforFreedom' tweets boosted by accounts that also amplified 'Pfizergate'

How to add a Russian keyboard to your computer

#DoNotComply gained traction after Daily Wire used it over sixty times, promoting subscriptions

False claims about experimental vaccines again, from the guy who did not invent mRNA vaccines