The threat to life in changing the definition to suit ideology is that it doesn't change the medical definition. One should be able to hold any stance…
Here are some traits to consider about sources, especially when the sources provide information on controversial topics.
The M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, also known as HIMARS, is an all-weather, wheeled precision strike weapons system. It's eating Russian…
“The result is the creation and spread of dangerous racist and misogynistic ideas. These are often born in extremists’ platforms, but have spilled over…
A look at supply, demand, historic pricing, profits, oil industry surveys, and earnings calls, shows production and inflation don't explain the prices…
The conspiracy theories have already begun so it seemed like a good time to explain why they arise after an unlikely event and how to tell them apart…
A round-up of disinformation narratives related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine for April 13 to April 16.
President Zelenskyy allowed the soldiers in Mariupol to decide whether to stay about a week ago. They refused to "abandon" the wounded and dead.
We must acknowledge that there are multiple plausible explanations.
In a little over a week, a 99,900 tweet dataset declined by 6,959 tweets. Two users appeared in the top 100 most active accounts for truck hashtags and…
Some malware will not run on computers that have a Russian-language keyboard
A blog is falsely claiming that COVID-19 vaccines have not been approved by the FDA.