What about other firms that do buy-backs? That is standard practice across industries. Completely irrelevant to the discussion. For example, Apple and other tech companies keep money offshore to avoid US taxes .Profits are the purpose of our capitalist system. Why shouldn't shareholders get profits? Investors who lost money with shale build out (billions) have never been compensated. Oil companies did not receive stimulus during covid when oil went negative. Exxon invested 118B on new oil supplies, 2x the net profits of 55B. https://corporate.exxonmobil.com/News/Newsroom/News-releases/2022/0615_ExxonMobil-statement-regarding-President-Biden-Letter-to-Oil-Industry

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Jun 15, 2022Liked by E. Rosalie

Misinformed no more!

Appreciate the depth of the research and will share as often as I can to those who are misinformed, of which there are many.

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