Did you hear that Biden canceled a program intended to investigate sex offenders illegally in the US? Here's what you should know.
Looking at the history of these movements can help us understand why they can be so effective at capturing a popular following.
RT expands disinformation tactics and shifts coverage to amplify GOP censorship narratives while presenting Putin as a defender of free speech.
E. Rosalie
Texas residents said the storm — and ensuing partial collapse of the state's power system — sapped what mental reserves they had left after eleven mont…
E. Rosalie
Experts to CDC: We Must Act Now on Aerosol Transmission We must step up our response to address the nature of the threat: the aerosol spread of Covid-1…
E. Rosalie
Feb 16, 2021 Science & Society Newsletter
What social media personalities aren't telling you matters. These lies are scaring people, and that is not OK.
written by Catherine Thornton and April Rees A lot of conspiracy theories and fake news surrounding the pandemic are doing the rounds. Among the disinf…
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