Novel Science (NS) is a science communication project at the intersection of science and society, with a special focus on efforts to influence or manipulate the public.

  • We have a disinformation newsletter that tells readers about the latest emerging threats, disinformation narratives, fact checks, research, and recommended reads related to public influence efforts.

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  • Hoaxlines is our public database of mis/mal/disinformation that went live in January of 2021. We’re learning as we go and improving the database along the way.

  • The database may be more helpful to researchers, journalists, and intelligence professionals whereas the newsletter may be more helpful to lay readers.

If you know of an article or a narrative that belongs in the database, please help by letting us know. Click the button “Submit a Story” and fill out the prompts. It is OK if you aren’t sure something is false or misleading but want us to take a look.

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